I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. I first came a year ago on an emergency. They took me in within half an hour of my call. They are awesome and always take care of me. Also work with me with my spending. I highly recommend them! 
-Piccadilly Chef

“We love coming to see Dr. Sylvania. The office is very warming and professional. Thank you for teaching my children the importance of having good dental hygiene.”

“I had my dentures done at Sylvania Dental. I could not have found a better doctor than Dr. Yu. In general, I am a meticulous person and I had several requests. She listened patiently to all my requests and did everything I had asked for. And more, she also put in some of her professional advice and made me look younger with my new denture! I love my new dentures. And I would certainly recommend Dr. Yu to anyone without reservations.”

“Dr. Yu extracted my impacted wisdom teeth for me. It was quite amazing. I can’t say i felt much discomfort at all. She told me it was out and I didn’t even feel it! I didn’t need to take any pain medicine after the procedure. She was very patient and fast. I was thinking of asking her for deeper sedation for the extraction because I was very nervous. But she was able to do it under local anesthetics with only the happy gas.”

“I love my new dentures. Dr. Sylvania Yu did an awesome job on my teeth. I will recommend Dr. Yu to my friends and family. Thank you, Dr. Yu, for bringing back my smile.”

“Dr. Sylvania was great with my kids. Both of my kids used to be very afraid of going to the dentist. At Sylvania Dental, the atmosphere is great for kids. Dr. Sylvania was very patient with them and they did not feel the discomfort at all. At the end, they got to pick their gift toys. I would highly recommend Sylvania Dental for young kids.”